Unity Baptist Church
17655 Highway 32
Blaine, Kentucky 41124

~ Welcome ~

+ Dear Friend,

We thank you for taking the time to consider the ministry opportunities
for you and your family at Unity Baptist Church.  

Our primary concern for any person is that they have a personal
relationship with Christ in salvation. The decision to trust Christ, by
faith, is the most important decision any person will ever make in their life.
Their eternal destiny depends on it!

After someone accepts Christ as their Savior, it is important that they
find a local church that will nurture their spiritual growth in a loving
atmosphere where the Scriptures are taught, and its principles are
modeled in the lives of its members. We work hard, at Unity, to be such a

Every person has a variety of needs in their life, and through the various
ministries that we offer, we seek to minister to those needs.   So we invite
you to browse our site, and see if you can identify some areas where we
might be able to assist you in meeting the specific needs of your life.

We thank you, again, for the privilege of introducing our ministry to you.
We would love to meet you, and invite you to come and discover the
ministry of Unity Baptist Church.
Welcome to Unity Baptist