Unity Baptist Church
17655 Highway 32
Blaine, Kentucky 41124

~ Church History~
Unity Baptist Church
Blaine, Kentucky 41124
(formally Blaine Christian Church)

The church was organized June 12, l864, by Elder Isaac Collins.
Charter members are as follows:

Unity Baptist Church
Church History

      1864 – 1920’s                
While most of the early Blaine Christian Church record was destroyed by flood,
it is generally understood that from its founding on June 12, 1864, to the
middle of the 1920’s, preaching was done by circuit riders and laymen.  These
circuits included Lawrence, Carter, Rowan and Morgan counties.  The
immediate circuit of the Blaine Church included ford of Blaine Creek.  About
1892, a group of the mother church organized a church at Wilbur, Kentucky.  
After the Wilbur Church ceased to function in the 1920’s, the members placed
their membership in the mother church at Blaine.

    1920 – 1947                
Annual revivals and irregular preaching was the order.  

    October, 1947                
At the end of a revival in October, 1947, the church organized a church board
with the assistance of Morris Mounts, the evangelist.  For a few years following
this reorganization, Student Preachers were used part time with two
evangelists, Julian Hunt and G. C. Clark who supplied part time during the
winter months.  

A new church building was constructed on the same church property but closer
to the road.  This was done to help prevent flooding.  The church bell was
salvaged from the old building and mounted in the new church tower.

1958 – 1962
Bill Gerrard, Richard Bevin and Fred Waggoner served as ministers coming in
on the week-ends only.  

March, 1963 - 1968
In March, 1963, Richard Maynard was called and moved on the field in June.  
In 1964, Fred Waggoner stepped down as pastor and Richard Maynard was
voted in as pastor.  He pastured the church until 1968.???

One Hundredth Anniversary Sunday
June 7, 1964

The Blaine Christian Church celebrated its one hundredth anniversary on June
7, 1964, in an all day meeting with dinner on the ground.  Morning services
were as usual with Sunday School, preaching and communion.  After the
‘Basket Dinner” with a hundred plus present for the dinner, the afternoon
festivities began with several gospel songs by the Union Melody Quartet of
Sciotiville, Ohio, and the famous Leesburg Family.  Billy Lucas, of Columbus,
Ohio, preached the sermon for the occasion at 2:30 p.m. This was a memorable
occasion for all present and one not to soon be forgotten.

1968 – 1992
The church used young ministers from Grayson Christian College
to fill the pulpit.

June, 1992 - 1994
After the death of Willard Ray, the last deacon of the church, a meeting was
held and the church was reorganized in June, 1992.  Byron Ray was voted in
as     Overseer.  The church continued to stay active in the Blaine area.

September, 1994 – May, 1996
Johnny Boggs was voted in as pastor.

May, 1996 – March, 2003
Byron Ray was voted in as pastor.

March 30, 2003
The church voted on and decided to join First Baptist Church of Louisa,
Kentucky, as a mission church.  
The new name became “Unity Baptist Church of Blaine”.

Members Present with a YES vote:
Byron Ray
Jackie Ray
April Ray
Lee Ann Ray
Justin Davis
Kim Davis
Suzanne Johnston
Santena Spears
JoAnn Johnston
Brandon Spears
Zackary Spears
Matthew Spears

Members NOT Present but all voted a YES vote:
Matthew Ray
Kimberly Ray
Essie Ray
Paula Osborne

August, 2003 – January, 2004
Jason Hutchinson served as pastor until he was called to South Shore Baptist
Church to be the pastor there.  During the summer of 2003, a new Fellowship
Hall was added to the existing church structure.  A Church Mission Group from
Louisville, Kentucky came to help complete the project.  

February, 2004 – October, 2004
David Wright was voted in as pastor and Ed Austin as Assistant Pastor.  
On October 4, 2004, Dave Wright resigned as pastor.

November, 2004 – Present
Ed Austin was voted in as pastor and Byron Ray as Assistant Pastor.  

May 18, 2008
Justin Davis, Ron Dye, and Steve Hall were voted in as Church Deacons
and Chris Mattingly was voted in as Church Trustee.
9.  Elizabeth Griffith
10.  Ann Ferguson
11.  Sarah Rice
12.  Louisa Morris
13.  Martha Ann Sparks
14.  Margaret Morris
15.  Margaret Griffith
1.  Pardon Morris
2.  Hobert Rice
3.  Benjamin Morris
4.  Richard Morris
5.  C. L. Swetnam
6.  Robert Griffith
7.  James Daniels
8.  Elijah Ratcliff
1. Margaret Ferguson
2. Elizabeth Edwards
3. Dinah Morris
4. Rebecca Rice
5. Nancy Woods
6.Teresa Swetnam
7. Sarah J. Swetnam
8. Elizabeth Ferguson